Mise en place for stress-free cooking

11 October

Mise en place is a French culinary term that translates to "everything in its place" and refers to getting everything ready before you start cooking. Mise en place is a key element of stress-free, quick and easy cooking. So how do you integrate the concept of mise en place into your kitchen routine? 

  • Select your recipe and read it in full. That means the list of ingredients, preparation method (noting what equipment you will need to bring the dish together), cooking time and yields, and (if included) the author's hints, tips and advice. This simple step is a serious time saver and will help to avoid any missteps along the way
  • Using the ingredient list and taking stock of what you already have on hand, prepare your shopping list for any required ingredients. Often recipes include a note on suitable substitutions - these may save you a trip to the grocery store and even tailor the recipe to suit your taste!
  • Put on some upbeat tunes or calming classical music to keep things zen
  • Pour yourself a big glass of water to keep you hydrated and keep hunger at bay while your meal comes together
  • Clean up first! Do the dishes, make sure all required equipment is clean and ready to go, and start with a tidy and organised kitchen
  • Now gather your ingredients - set them out on your (now clean and clear) workspace
  • Get out and setup all the kitchen equipment you are going to need - cup and spoon measures, mixing bowls, a sturdy chopping board, sharp (and appropriately sized) knife/s, pots and pans
  • Read through the ingredient list and method sections of your selected recipe one more time - wash and prep any fresh produce, portion out ingredients (adding those that are added at the same time together), preheat your oven, and place your chosen recipe in a safe but easy to read spot for reference while your bring everything together
  • Now take a moment to stop and collect your thoughts, relax, and breathe before you get started
Meal prep should not be stressful. Entering your kitchen should not fill you will dread or despair. Get things organised and de-stress the cooking process with mise en place. 

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